Tocos (Tocotrienols) - 1 LBS Bag
Tocos (Tocotrienols) - 1 LBS Bag
Tocos (Tocotrienols) - 1 LBS Bag

Tocos (Tocotrienols) - 1 LBS Bag

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15 Servings

Skin Hydrator. Inflammation Soother. Detoxifier.

Tocos (Tocotrienols) is an incredible superfood and delicious form of vitamin E

It supports healthy skin and connective tissue, tames inflammation, supports the immune system and removes toxins from the brain, liver, heart, lungs and kidneys.

It is a sweet powder, derived from the bran of organically grown brown rice, that brings a delicious flavor and creaminess to anything it’s added to.

Simply add  1-3 tablespoons to lattes, nut milks, smoothies or as an ingredient to make snacks or desserts creamier. We spoon and eat it right out of the bag. 

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