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About Glow Flow Chefs

We are Amy and Emily, identical twin sisters with a passion for helping people operate at their highest potential. Through the products we create, such as our Glow Flow blends, we strive to help people elevate their days and feeling amazing inside and out. Emily is trained chef and Amy is a certified Ayurvedic health coach. We combine our expertise to bring you functional food that tastes delicious.We've been crafting concoctions in our kitchens for years, and we decided it was time to share our blissful creations with the world with the creation of Glow Flow Chefs Latte Blends. Stay tuned for many more products to come from team Glow Flow.


Our instant latte blends can be added to water, milk, coffee, smoothies and your favorite foods. We make a latte every morning, sometime afternoons and sometimes evenings and add our blends to up-level our food - yogurt, chia pudding, oatmeal, ice cream, brownies, pancakes and the list goes on.
We recommend enjoying the blends once or twice daily in latte form, and as much as your heart desires in your favorite foods.
The answer isn't cut and dry. The official FDA-sanctioned answer is that there is not enough information about several of the herbs used in our blends to determine safety for either pregnancy or breastfeeding. HOWEVER, the FDA is simply not as familiar with some of the herbs used in our blends, such as ashwagandha, reishi, lions mane, astragalus, mucuna pruriens, which stem from Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. These traditions have used these herbs during pregnancy and in daily life to help the body cope with stress and anxiety and help it heal for thousands of years. We have studied Ayurveda and verified with herbalists that these herbs are safe during pregnancy. The FDA says ashwagandha is not safe during pregnancy while the herb is traditionally used in India during pregnancy to help the mother cope with stress. All that being said, we suggest you listen to your own body when deciding what to consume and not consume during pregnancy. You may want to wait until second or third trimester to drink our blends. I (Amy) personally didn't want lattes during my first trimester, but in my third I CRAVED them. Once my son was born and until now, I have relied on our blends and adaptogens to help me cope with the stress of motherhood and honestly just everyday life. If you choose to not consume our blends during pregnancy or breastfeeding, no worries, they'll be here happily waiting for you.
Divine! We tested and modified our recipes to get the perfect taste and functionality. Our team consists of a chef and an Ayurvedic practitioner - these blends are very delicious and functional.
Yes, our products are made with certified organic ingredients.
Nope. Our blends have natural “sweetness” thanks to the coconut, tocos, superfoods and stevia.
Nutrition facts can be found on our product pages. Just go to our store, and click on the product you want to learn more about!
Adaptogens are plants and herbs that serve a purpose in the body. Adaptogens adapt to what your body needs. For example, if you are tired, adaptogens will help boost your energy. If you are stressed adaptogens will help reduce anxiety and stress.


It’s our greatest desire to provide you delicious products that make you feel amazing. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase though, please send a note to hello@glowflowchefs.com and we’ll find a solution.


Yes, we offer subscriptions on our single bag blends.