Our Story

“Once we discovered the power of adaptogens, tonic herbs and superfoods, there was no going back!”

We wanted to share how they influenced our lives with everyone. They minimized our stress, boosted our energy levels, soothed our inflammation and helped us relax. They brought our bodies back to a state we hadn't felt in a long time. We wanted others to experience what we had. We wanted others to be able to consume them as we were - in a delicious, enjoyable way.

Glow Flow Chefs instant latte blends are the result of our discoveries and our strong desire to help others recognize the power of natural foods, in particular plants and herbs.

Our overarching mission is to develop products that help people elevate their lives and uncover their capacity for vibrant, healthful change.

We hope our latte blends do just that!

What does Glow Flow Chefs mean?

When founding our company, we knew we wanted to create a name for our brand that we deeply connected with. The words that kept coming back to both of us were glow and flow.

We’ve always been connected to the word “glow.” First, because we wanted to have that look; we wanted our skin to glow, to radiate light. As we became more entrenched in the wellness world and as our spiritual practices began to grow, we recognized that we not only wanted to glow on the outside, but on the inside as well. We wanted to shine bright, feel alive and energized, and we wanted our glow to enable us to share our light with others.
The other word that we connected deeply with was “flow.” Flow was what we felt when everything just seemed to go as we desired. Everything seemed to come easily. Time would escape us. There wasn't any friction or fear. We wanted more of this and we wanted it often. Flow came after meditations and calming yoga series. Flow came after long walks outside. Flow came when we felt connected to work, whether that be writing, brainstorming, talking to clients, or concocting in the kitchen. Flow came when we felt deeply happy, in alignment with our purpose, and fulfilled.
The word “chef” in our name has a broader meaning than its traditional use. We chose chef to denote that we are curators of products and works that help others reach their own version of “glow and flow.” Our creations include food and beverage products, programs, books, and more.

Who are Amy and Emily?

After years of dealing with stress and anxiety, I dove into Ayurvedic and yogic traditions to find relief. My studies led me to the discovery of adaptogens and superfoods for help with stress and relaxation. I quickly recognized the power of healing plants and herbs for stress relief but also for energy, mind-clarity, immune health and joy.

  • Certified Life Coach with Carl Massey
  • Certified KRI Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher
  • Khalsa Way Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher
  • Certified Ayurvedic health coach with Anna Russ

While at a plant-based culinary school, I began using adaptogens and superfoods in my regular food and beverage concoctions. I had a desire to make my creations not only taste delicious but to be functional as well. Why stop at flavor and taste, when food can do so much more? When I saw the effects my food had on others ,and myself, I was hooked.

  • Holistic Health and Empowerment Coach
  • Certified plant-based chef from Matthew Kenney Culinary
  • Certified health coach with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition