Teas to calm, focus, and energize your day

banishing the stress

We were tired of stress, anxiety and brain fog because it stopped us from living and operating optimally. So we created Glow Flow Chefs latte blends. 

Sipping a latte is a time to

reset, recharge, and rebalance.

Make it a routine to feel happier, calmer and more productive.


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This is my favorite blend! I love this blend. It is absolutely delicious. Personally, I keep it simple and just mix it with organic almond milk. I highly recommend it as an early morning or mid-afternoon energy boost!

Shelly, Energizing Matcha Latte

Holy delicious! I was looking for something to replace my morning coffee that would nourish me and still feel like a delicious ritual. I had no idea I'd be tossing this stuff in EVERYTHING. Love it!

Tory D., Bliss Cacao Latte

LOVE! I have made it a nightly routine to make a turmeric latte! I use almond milk and add a bit on cinnamon. I have tried to add turmeric to my lifestyle before and had a difficult time with the taste. This blend is truly enjoyable!

Brittney, Healing Turmeric Latte

In love! The moment I opened this bag, I knew that I was in for a treat! The smell of this powder is absolutely out of this world amazing. Once I made my drink I felt so relaxed and the flavor was absolutely heavenly. I definitely have to try all the other flavors.

Jess J., Bliss Cacao Latte

So delicious! Not only is this latte good for my health but it is Sooo delicious! I drink one every day!

Judith N., Healing Turmeric Latte

My new go to matcha blend. I drink this with both oat milk and water, i prefer the creamier texture with oat milk. Either way it has a nice matcha flavor with a subtle mushroom flavor, not too sweet. Definitely boosts my energy for the day! I can't drink this after noon as it will keep me up. I have gone through several matcha latte mixes and this one is my favorite so far.

Katherine D., Energizing Matcha Latte

The easiest to make. I can’t believe how easy these blends make it to throw together a delicious latte that I can literally immediately feel the effects from. Game changer!

Amy A., Healing Turmeric Latte

Your beverage dreams come true if you want a quick, delicious and healthy way to decrease stress and improve mood.

no common allergens. no fillers. no junk.








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GFC blends include herbs and mushrooms called adaptogens to help you stay emotionally strong and confident so you can better handle the chaos of modern life.

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